About Us

TVLampsforless Your online source for affordable quality replacement lamps for RPTV and DLP televisions as well as front projectors.

TVlampsforless has won its reputation for being in business for the past 7 years providing customers with exceptional customer service and providing only high quality replacement lamps and various parts for RPTV and DLP televisions as well as front projectors. We also are one of the only retail websites out there that actually show you the product that is being purchased, as well as give detailed informaton as to how you can be assured that we are providing an OEM product for peace of mind. If you read our product pages, you can be confident in what you will be receiving for a more pleasurable shopping experience.

We ship worldwide, however due to our strict credit card processing filters, most payments for countries outside of the US will have to be conducted via Paypal, due to their more secure payment processing system. Our website payment processor can only accept orders from countries where their respective shipping addresses can be verified through the credit card being used. Therefor Paypal is used for all other countries where an address cannot be verified. If your address is not confirmed via Paypal, we will send email confirmations to confirm your order as well as the shipping address.

If you live in Orange County, feel free to contact us about free shipping for our items that dont already have it. We do not have a pickup location for our website items so we lend out a helping hand by providing free shipping on all items. 

Regarding local TV repair services (20 miles radius), please contact us so we can refer you to our preferred repair center.


Fullerton, CA 92821