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Viewsonic RLC-071 Projector Lamp

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Probably one of the lowest comparable priced projector lamps that we have had since the beginning, would be the RLC-071 model by Viewsonic. This lamp is compatible with both the XGA native resolution for the PJD6253 model and 1080p native resolution for the PJD6553W model. Both projector models have great built in value for the quality and features present, with the 1080p model having great reviews on Amazon as well.

Lilke most if not all models under Viewsonic, the OEM bulb manufacturer for the RLC-071 is an Osram, and is rated at 240W. The lamp outputs an overall impressive 3500 lumens of brightness and carries our standard 6 month warranty for projector lamps (most models). The overall lamp life can also be an impressive 6000 hours under the most economical projector mode.

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Optoma BL-FP230D Projector Lamp

Perhaps one of the most popular lamps under the Optoma brand, is the lamp model BL-FP230D. This lamp is used in a wide variety of Optoma projectors that are available at economic prices all over the world. One of these projector models is the HD20, which is a top rated model on Amazon and this [...]

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Epson ELPLP54 Projector Lamp

Another semi popular lamp from our Epson brand, model ELPLP54 fits into such known projectors like the PowerLite 705HD model and EX71. It is also important to note that we sometimes state foreign projector model numbers such as the EH-TW450 as being supported by this lamp. This is our attempt at reaching out to overseas customers that may [...]

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Sony LMP-H200 Projector Lamp

A widely popular projector lamp out there from Sony is the LMP-H200. This assembly supports highly online reviewed models such as the VPL-VW40, VPL-VW50, and VPL-VW60. To no surprise these projectors are still being sold today due to their medium price range for what is offered. Compared to retail pricing on this item, you save substantially by shopping [...]

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Panasonic ET-LAE1000 Projector Lamp

Under our Panasonic list of projector lamps, we have the model ET-LAE1000 that is made for the somewhat popular 10 year old projectors such as the PT-AE2000U and PT-AE3000. These projectors are surprisingly still being sold today and from some research they seem to be very descent quality models. Being one of our more stranger [...]

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BenQ CS.5JJ1K.001 Bare Projector Bare Bulb

One of our popular bare projector bulbs in the past from the Benq brand is the CS.5JJ1K.001, due to the projector models supported being quite common and popular back in the day. Even though a few years past their prime, we still carry this projector bare bulb for the MP620 and MP720. This bulb itself has [...]

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ProjectionDesign 400-0402-00 Projector Lamp

Perhaps one of the strangest looking replacement lamps we have available on our site, is the ProjectionDesign 400-0402-00. This lamp is for specialty projector models F2, F20, F22, cineo22, and many more high end projector models under the brand. Note that ProjectionDesign shares the same part number for this lamp as Barco, and the replacement [...]

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Mitsubishi VLT-HC3800LP Projector Lamp

One of our overall very reliable and popular lamps is the Mitsubishi VLT-HC3800LP. This has been a great selling item for us in the past few years due to the supported projector models being quite popular. Such as the HC4000 projector, and our price being lower than most out there for comparable OEM lamps . [...]

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JVC BHL-5010-S Projector Lamp

One of a select few that we carry under the JVC brand, the BHL-5010-S is one of those lamps used in many of the more common and high end JVC projectors available today. Those projectors include the DLA-HD250, DLA-HD950, DLA-RS35U, and many more. Most of these projectors used for this lamp are 1080P and even some have advanced [...]

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Viewsonic RLC-078 Projector Lamp

Like many of our other projector brands we carry a wide variety of popular Viewsonic projector lamps, which is a very well known brand due to the affordability of Viewsonic projectors. Here we have a model RLC-078 that is used for popular projectors such as the PJD5132, PJD5134, PJD5234L, and more. Like many other Viewsonic lamps, this [...]

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