BenQ CS.5JJ1K.001 Bare Projector Bare Bulb

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 5th Apr 2017

One of our popular bare projector bulbs in the past from the Benq brand is the CS.5JJ1K.001, due to the projector models supported being quite common and popular back in the day. Even though a few years past their prime, we still carry this projector bare bulb for the MP620 and MP720. This bulb itself has a simple plug in arrangement regarding the cables so no special tools are needed for replacement, although a plier is recommended for a light tightening of the female plug.

This particular bulb varies in wattage on their respective projectors so the bulb has a 180-230W range when powered on. With a maximum lumens rating of 2500 hours, these Benq projectors pack quite a punch. The bulb is manufactured by Osram for true OEM quality and no compromise in performance. Our price is also very competitive compared to many other complete lamp assemblies that are aftermarket, so a little bit of work for the bare replacement is well worth it.

Product can be purchased from the following link: