Infocus SP-LAMP-069 Projector Lamp Assembly

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 6th Jan 2017

This is one of our first Infocus projector lamps, the SP-LAMP-069. This lamp is for very economical mobile projectors that are still being sold today in the current market. These models include the IN112, IN114, IN114ST, and IN116. Ranging in price from the high $200 to $500, these projectors are ideal for individuals wanting to get into the projector world for the first time. Due to this resolution, it is better suited for an office or game type setting.

The lamp is powered by a 180W Osram bulb putting out an impressive 2700 lumens under the best model supported. With the most economical projector mode being used, you can get up to 6000 hours for trouble free viewing pleasure. The actual lamp lamp and housing shares its type with the Viewsonic RLC-072 model in that they are identical in all aspects from appearance to internal bulb. This is often the case with many projector lamps out there.

Product can be purchased from the following link: