JVC PK-L2312UP Projector Lamp Assembly

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 8th Aug 2016

A widely popular lamp on our site from JVC and the next model after the popular PK-L2210UP, is the PK-L2312UP. This lamp supports many models in between what the PK-L2210UP supports and is overall a slightly more powerful lamp as well. We carry this item from time to time, mostly because the models supported are still fairly new, but in the near future we plan on stocking more of this lamp model to meet the demand. This lamp supports a wide variety of projector models.

Unlike the PK-L2210UP that uses a Philips bulb, this lamp model PK-L2312UP uses a Ushio NSH 230W bulb for better performance and overall lamp life of a maximum of 4000 hours, which is 1000 hours more than the previous counterpart.The maximum lumens rating for this lamp is the same as its twin brother at 1300. The PK-L2312UP also is the updated version with the front metal airflow fin. This item like many others recently includes free USPS Priority shipping in US.

Product can be purchased from the following link: