Mitsubishi/Toshiba DLP DMD Chip

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 24th Feb 2017

A regular item that we sell and currently still demanded is the Mitsubishi and Toshiba DLP chips for various series of light engines. We carry these chips for the Mitsubishi 938P075, 938P126, 938P158, and 938P059 models of light engines. As well as for the Toshiba 75006657 and 75006693 light engines. We organize our DLP chips by light engine model but they are all the same. These chips are also compatible with the Mitsubishi 938P174 series of engines, although a few more adjustments to the DMD board are needed for their installation.

These DLP chips have a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 so they are for HD televisions. Installing these chips in the models given above is quite simple in that it only involves the removal of screws and disconnecting cables. We provide detailed installation instructions with every purchase as well, so as long as these are followed you will have no problems. We also have a FAQ section in the instructions, should you encounter any issue. But as with any item on our site, you are more than welcome to call our number should you need any more detailed info.

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The DMD chips above are integrated into a light engine inside the TV. This light engine originally needed to be replaced completely when the white dots issue would arise. This was costly at around $800 or above plus labor from most television repair shops. TVLampsforless was actually one of the first businesses out there to provide the specific part that would fail in these DLP TV's which was the DMD chip. At only $300 initially along with detailed installation instructions for the average customer, massive savings were possible and we had a successful run with these chips after that.