NEC NP13LP Projector Lamp Assembly

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 14th Nov 2016

Here is one of our more unique brands that we supply projector lamps for, NEC and its lamp NP13LP for projector models V260, V260X, NP110, NP115, NP210, NP215, and NP216. Some of these models are no longer in production, however some other models are still being sold today at low prices of a few hundred dollars only. Models such as the NP110 and NP216 have also managed to gather positive overall reviews on Amazon.

The internal bulb of the NP13LP uses a Philips brand bulb rated at 185/160W, and manages to output around 2600 lumens of brightness on its best projector model. This lamp overall has not been such a common seller for us since it was made available, although it has gathered some interest in the international market. Many times some less common and least expensive projector models end up being very popular overseas, unlike in the US due to their affordability in certain markets.

Product can be purchased from the following link: