Optoma BL-FP190B Projector Lamp

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 15th Mar 2017

One of our rarer selling Optoma lamps, the BL-FP190B, which is actually used in some recent common Optoma projectors such as the H180X and DW326e. According to Amazon these projectors have descent reviews and are priced affordable under $500. In terms of value for your money, Optoma sets the bar most of the time with their high lumens and affordable priced units. Look to us for your Optoma OEM projector lamp needs, you wont be disappointed.

Like most if not all Optoma OEM lamps, the following BL-FP190B uses an Osram branded bulb rated at 190W producing an outstanding 3000 lumens. Even more impressive is its ability to last an average of 6500 hours used in its most economical mode. Most Optoma lamp assemblies look the same except for a few minor differences, but it is usually easy to verify the OEM bulb manufacturer by simply viewing the rear of the lamp.

Product can be purchased from the following link: