Optoma BL-FU220A Projector Bare Bulb

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 21st Nov 2016

Here we have another Optoma projector lamp model, although one of the rare instances that we have only the bare bulb available. Instead of inserting your lamp easily, this bulb requires a little extra work to install into your old housing. Contrary to some beliefs, a new housing is not needed unless the main front polarized lens gets scratched somehow, possibly from a bulb blow up that actually can happen. Save yourself some money and purchase the bare OEM bulb from us.

The BL-FU220A like most other Optoma models, uses an Osram powered 180-230W (variable wattage) bulb to output a modest maximum brightness of 1300 lumens. This bulb is actually used in some currently popular projector models - two of them being the HD72 and HD73 that are the newer brothers of the highly known HD20 model. This lamp comes with our standard 180 day TVLampsforless warranty for much needed peace of mind.


Product can be purchased from the following link: