ProjectionDesign 400-0400-00 Projector Lamp Assembly

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 1st Dec 2016

Any lamp from the ProjectionDesign brand is a high end specialty bulb and the model 400-0400-00 is no exception. This projector lamp is used in specialty projectors such as the F3 SXGA+, F3+ XGA, F30 1080, and many others as well. These kind of projectors from this brand can go around 20K in price to even more when brand new. From experience these lamps have only been purchased from us from government agencies, or video specialization companies.

The 400-0400-00 lamp as to be expected is powered by a high wattage 300W Philips brand bulb. The particular Philips bulb in its bare form is very commonly used in at least 20 other lamp models from other brands as well. The ProjectionDesign projector models that use the 400-0400-00 lamp, use x2 of them in order to get an impressive 6500 lumens under its brightest model. This lamp is also one of the very few lamps that use an eprom chip for lamp timing.

Product can be purchased from the following link: