ProjectionDesign 400-0402-00 Projector Lamp

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 31st Mar 2017

Perhaps one of the strangest looking replacement lamps we have available on our site, is the ProjectionDesign 400-0402-00. This lamp is for specialty projector models F2, F20, F22, cineo22, and many more high end projector models under the brand. Note that ProjectionDesign shares the same part number for this lamp as Barco, and the replacement lamps are also identical to those available from Digital Projection and Christie Digital under different part numbers.

Our 400-0402-00 as almost all of our lamps is OEM in that it is powered by a Philips 220W spec bulb for identical performance to the projector brand supplied lamp. It is recommended to keep your old OEM direct supplied ProjectionDesign lamp for any projector services done under warranty, due to the above projector brands requiring their own retail supplied lamps to be used for any repairs performed under warranty.

Product can be purchased from the following link: