Samsung BP96-02007A Projector Bulb

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 17th Feb 2017

One of the first projector bare bulbs offered by us, the Samsung BP96-02007A projector bare bulb was a popular model a few years back due to the Samsung AP-A800B front projector being a hit among many video enthusiasts. We use to sell the Samsung packaged lamp at first but gradually changed to just the bare OEM Philips bulb, since it is a rather easy lamp assembly to change out. There are literally only a handful of screws to remove, and you are like new with only little effort.

The OEM Philips bulb being used here is the 300/250W E21.8 type model. This Philips bulb has the usual Philips bar code placed via a sticker on the actual bulb. This bulb is actually a very popular bulb used by many projector manufacturers out there. We have listed about 20 different models of lamps that use the same bulb in different housings. This type of bulb has been very successful for us in terms of performance and lifespan. Please note that we may provide a Osram equivalent to the Philips in times that we are out, but usually the Philips brand will be used.

Product can be purchased from the following link:

The projector that uses the BP96-02007A is somewhat of a home theater enthusiast type projector. Upon arrival, the AP-A800B demonstrated one of the most accurate colors compared to many high end type projectors in its price range. Well known video guru and author of Digital Video Essentials Joe Kane designed the SP-A800B and made sure this projector had a solid package of features as well as a highly stylish look to it.