Sony LKRX-110 Xenon Replacement Bulb

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 2nd Jan 2017

The Sony LKRX-110 Xenon bare bulb happens to be one of our higher selling bulbs in the specialty projector department. Using a total power consumption of 2KW for only one bulb, this special bulb is also one of the highest power consuming lamps out there. As if one bulb was not enough, the projectors supported under this lamp use two bulbs in total for an incredible bright and clear picture to be projected on pretty much any large size.

These lamps are OEM packaged direct from Sony bulbs so you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality bulb designed for the SRX-R110, SRX-S110, and SRX-T110 specialty projectors.

These bulbs are rated at 2 KW for a maximum output of 11,000 lumens.

Product can be purchased from the following link:

The 4K Projector above (SRX-T110) is currently one of the past top of the line projectors from Sony with an incredible 11,000 lumens and comes along with a price tag of around close to 100K.