Sony LKRX-2042A Projector Xenon Bulb

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 9th Dec 2016

Here we have one of the highest wattage bulbs in the market - The LKRX-2042A Xenon projector bulb. This is the kind of projector bulb that is used in the 4K projectors at many of today's cinemas that use Digital. The projector models in question are the SRX-R220, SRX-R320, and SRX-T420. All these projectors are human sized and weigh around 400 pounds. Surprisingly some of these models are a few years old and still being sold today.

This LKRX-2042A projector bulb is a high powered specialty Xenon lamp. These type of lamps are reserved for very high wattage applications. The bulb alone requires 4.2KW of power to use, with the projector being over 5KW. This kind of power is needed to projector 21,000 lumens of brightness in the SRX-T420 for very large screen venues as those found in movie theaters or Concerts. Our lamp is a factory provided Sony lamp, as they are difficult to source elsewhere.

Product can be purchased from the following link: