Viewsonic RLC-035 Projector Lamp Assembly

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 12th Sep 2016

One of our newest lamps available under the Viewsonic brand is the projector lamp model RLC-035. This model along with some others were recently added to add support for some relatively older models of projectors. This lamp for example supports models PJ513D and PJ513DB which are over 10 years old. Like our previous Optoma lamp, this lamp is available for those few that still hang on to their older items.

The following Viewsonic lamp uses from the factory, a Philips 180W internal bulb in a rather unique housing not available too often in other models. It has a standard 3000 hours lamp rating and has its cable hanging from outside of the housing for manual connecting to the ballast. Even though the lamp enclosure may be unique, the internal Philips bulb is actually a somewhat common bulb that is used in other projector models as well.

Product can be purchased from the following link: