Viewsonic RLC-071 Projector Lamp

Posted by Chris @ TVLampsforless on 4th May 2017

Probably one of the lowest comparable priced projector lamps that we have had since the beginning, would be the RLC-071 model by Viewsonic. This lamp is compatible with both the XGA native resolution for the PJD6253 model and 1080p native resolution for the PJD6553W model. Both projector models have great built in value for the quality and features present, with the 1080p model having great reviews on Amazon as well.

Lilke most if not all models under Viewsonic, the OEM bulb manufacturer for the RLC-071 is an Osram, and is rated at 240W. The lamp outputs an overall impressive 3500 lumens of brightness and carries our standard 6 month warranty for projector lamps (most models). The overall lamp life can also be an impressive 6000 hours under the most economical projector mode.

Product can be purchased from the following link: