Digital Projection 105-495 Projector Lamp

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Part 105-495 is compatible with the following projector models

iVision 20 HD                                    iVision 20 sx+
iVision 20 HD-W                                iVision 20 sx+ UW
iVision 20 sx+ W                               iVision 20HD-XB
iVision 20HD-XC                               iVision 20HDL-XB
iVision 20HDL-XC                              iVision 20HDW-XB
iVision 20HDW-XC                             iVision 20sx+ L-XB
iVision 20sx+ L-XC                            iVision 20sx+ L-XL
iVision 20sx+ UW-XB                         iVision 20sx+ UW-XC
iVision 20sx+ UW-XL                         iVision 20sx+ W-XB
iVision 20sx+ W-XC                           iVision 20sx+ W-XL
iVision 20sx+ XB                               iVision 20sx+ XC
iVision 20sx+ XL

Digital Projection 105-495 Projector Lamp Assembly
The following replacement lamp includes the bulb and housing for easy installation. The lamp uses the same OEM 220W Philips brand bulb used by Digital Projection, for identical quality and performance.
Philips UHP 220W Lamp
Maximum output of 3300 Lumens
original OEM bulb + housing
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180 day TVLampsforless warranty
Please beware of OEM "compatible or equivalent" lamp assemblies and bulbs sold elswhere, those are not true OEM. Please read the "Miscellaneous" section of our "Terms of Use" for better understanding regarding OEM and how to identify them.

180 day TVLampsforless warranty