Panasonic ET-LAD60W Projector Lamp (2 Pack)

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Panasonic ET-LAD60W is compatible with the following projector models

PT-D6000S                                             PT-D6000US
PT-D6000LS                                             PT-D6000ULS
PT-D6000ES                                             PT-D6000ELS
PT-D6300S                                             PT-D6300US
PT-D6300LS                                             PT-D6300ULS
PT-D6300ES                                             PT-D6300ELS
PT-DZ6700                                             PT-DZ6700E
PT-DZ6700EL                                             PT-DZ6700U
PT-DZ6700L                                             PT-DZ6700UL
PT-DZ6710                                             PT-DZ6710E
PT-DZ6710EL                                             PT-DZ6710U
PT-DZ6710L                                             PT-DZ6710UL
Panasonic ET-LAD60W Projector Lamp Assembly (2 Pack)
The following projector lamp is an OEM packaged Panasonic direct lamp. Please click on photo to the left for verification.
Lamp Type:    HS UHM 300W Bulb
Output:          Maximum of 6500 Lumens
Lamp Life:      Up to 3000 hours
Includes:        Original OEM bulb + housing
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Please beware of OEM "compatible or equivalent" lamp assemblies and bulbs sold elswhere, those are not true OEM. Please read the "Miscellaneous" section of our "Terms of Use" for better understanding regarding OEM and how to identify them.

90 day TVLampsforless warranty